About Milk Moms

Milk Moms was established in 1996 to help new moms in their breast feeding experience. The business was created as a resource for moms to have access to the highest quality equipment, and give the choice to choose which brand and style of pump at the best price available. We truly believe you will get the highest quality of service when using Milk Moms. We ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied with both service and product.

Milk Moms specializes in insurance billing of breast pumps. Most insurance companies pay for a breast pump for nursing moms. Feel free to call MILK MOMS anytime at 1-866-MILKMOM (645-5666) and we can assist you in checking your coverage.

Milk Moms is committed to mom and baby

Milk Moms provides the finest lactation equipment to assist moms in making the best choice for their baby and individual nursing goals. We understand the importance of nursing and realize mom’s needs; that’s why we are dedicated to provide 24 hour availability. Our goal is to help each mom achieve success with her nursing choice by providing the FINEST nursing tools and BEST service.

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