Milk Moms was established in 1996 to help new moms in their breast feeding experience. I created the business as a resource for moms to have access to the highest quality equipment, and give the choice to choose which brand and style of pump at the best price available. I truly believe you will get the highest quality of service when using Milk Moms. I ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied with both service and product.

I specialize in insurance billing of breast pumps. There are many insurance plans which cover a breast pump and I am able to accept most plans. Many plans will cover the breast pump if mom is returning to work or school and of course any medically necessary reasons such as mastitis, engorgement, soreness, need to increase milk supply, baby latch on problems and other nursing difficulties. Feel free to call me anytime 1-866-MILKMOM (645-5666) and I can help you determine if your insurance covers a breast pump.


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